Escape rooms – welcome to the world of Questrooms!

We would like to invite you to the world of new, better entertainment! Our escape rooms provide a higher dose of thrill than you could ever imagine! Search for codes, keys, clues, combine facts and find connections to get out of the rooms. You can solve the mystery of plane crash, a lost gift, the death of a friend after a party, or try to escape from a guarded prison! Questrooms are great fun with friends and the best escape rooms in Trójmiasto. See for yourself!


Phone: 730 310 730; 517 665 470
address: ul. Startowa 4A,
Floor -1, 80-461 Gdańsk Zaspa
Questrooms -Escaperoom Gdańsk


Do you want to take your class/school for something different than sightseeing? Would you like to experience an interesting, unforgettable adventure with a group of friends at a price of a cinema ticket? Contact us and we will prepare a special offer for your class! We guarantee the best entertainment in Gdańsk!

Company events

Why should you bring your employees to Questrooms? Our escape rooms are a real challenge that will test skills such as logical thinking, associating facts, cooperation, working under the pressure of time, or unconventional thinking. All of this is available in an amazing environment and atmosphere of great fun. Your employees will surely never forget it! With Questrooms you will arrange the best entertainment in Trójmiasto. Visit us!

Special events

Are you organizing a birthday, bachelor party, or bachelorette party? We customize the rooms for every event. We can put the groom in jail, place your gift in the room as a reward, have a cake, as well as customize the hints for your friend's birthday party. In addition, we have a Chillout room where you can exchange good wishes or make a toast.

  • Best in Gdansk!
    If you are planning to pkay escape games, this is the place to go! Location is a bit off, but it's totalky worth it! Room are fun and have enough puzzles to solve even for an experienced players!

  • great fun!
    we took a chance to go to that escape room with a group of 11 people.
    For almost most of us it was our 1st time - the fun was great.

    What is important - Questrooms is a new place, very clean. Rooms are prepared professionally. Also the staff is very helping which makes the fun even bigger :)

    Definitely worth visiting - one of the best escape rooms in 3city.