Catastrophe in the skies

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Solve the mystery of the air crash

Surely you have seen on many occasions a documentary programme which told the storry of a plane disappearing without a trace. Despite the fact that each plane has a black box on board, it still takes a long time for the specialists to figure out what really did happen. Frequently it remains a mystery or there are many different versions of what might have happened. The burnt
wreckage and the personal things of the passangers don’t make thing easier as well. However, solving such a crash can prevent other such catastrophies in the future,

Can you, along with the emergency crew, establish the proceedings?

Among the many unknown things, we have managed to determine the following facts:

⇒ The plane flew from Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

⇒ There were 250 passangers + 10 members of the crew on board

⇒ The plane lost all contact with the air traffic control 2 hours before the scheduled landing time

⇒ The weather conditions were favourable that day

⇒ The pilots didn’t report any problems during the flight

It’s up to you if we will ever discover the truth . Good luck!!!!
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