2-6 osób 4/10 60 min 0/10 99 zł


This room is inteneded for big groups who would like to solve a lot of mysteries at the same time. Without a tight team and logical thinking you may not succeed in cracking the case, and this will result in the present never being found by its owner.

It’ s fairly typical that during the Christmas time each child is waiting for one thing only- the perfect gift. Both a little kid and a teenager can go to any lengths to get it 🙂 And you? What would you be willing to do to get it?

Andrew was a good kid, although an unlucky one. Despite a great effort, something unfortunate always happened to him. And it was exactly the same with this present. The day started just like any other day, but Andrew, very much used to the bad luck that followed him around, realised that it was not going to be so simple. He analysed various possibilities and did his best to prepare for the worst. However, what actually ended up happening, left the poor boy speechless. What happened next?

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