5 Murders

Escaperoom 5 Murders

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What happened during the trip?

It was a truly horrible trip. It’s not how it was supposed to end at all. Four of your friends are dead and now it’s just the two of you. You don’t know how to get home and your phones are dead.
The killer is still on the loose. By retracing his steps you’ve found a cabin deep in the forest. All the doors are locked and all the windows barred. But suddenly you get lucky – you spot the back door. You open it carefully and take the hardest step in your life, a step into the unknown . In your head the fear and the thirst for revenge battle it out and all you can hear is the melody of the falling rain.

Will you manage to find the evidence of the crime? Can you kill the murderer before he gets you first?

Find out for yourselves!

Escaperoom 5 Murders

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