Room no. 1 (in the air):

Are you brave? Do you like playing with the fate?

In that case, bring us your ticket

(valid, or one month after the expiration date) and get a 20% discount from Monday to Friday!

Requirements: air ticket




For schools: (presentation)school-312549_640

You want to take your class/school on anything other than sightseeing?

Experience an interesting adventure with a group of friends?

Pay for pictures? Contact us (or download the presentations),

and we will prepare a special offer!

Requirements: players must be one class/school. Minimum of 15 people.



In all rooms:team-971345_640

For people who fail to complete the room without a hint of less

than 45 minutes, code 40% off for the next room!

Requiremnts: Cleverness, and astonishing speed.




 You have a birthday?


1 room you will get 10%,

2 rooms you will get 20% of all

3 rooms, you will get 30% for all.

Requirements: an ID card with a valid date, or school ID card.

Discounts and discount codes do not combine.
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