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No, we mobilized to maintain a non confusionisme would take again the same forms of culture that we reject, but to bring out in the school situation, needs antagonisms, ideas, actions that must inevitably oppose the illusory stability of a school administrators, carefully stayed on the expectation in May 68, attempt to recover today under the fallacious hierarchical authority.

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In: National Education> The inspection Educator CEL For teachers review in November 1968 „There are moments in the lives of men – and in the organizations – where some stances are essential if we are to continue a path efficient of loyalty and righteousness „(1) Unquestionably, May 1968 -. that no force in this country can not erase – is an obligation for all of us and our movement, we affirm face of thought of mass teacher, the working masses, the capitalist system and its culture.

We have repeatedly stated our already people Educators position in the larger social and political complex, but especially we want to clarify our vis-a-vis the administration in general and inspectors in particular. Each of our activists know – by the fact that he is an educator and activist – that his position can not be different from that of always, from that Freinet stated in a 1946 article in which a passage is given to the leader number of our ever valiant Educator.

We must repeat again, in advance, no motion is as open as ours to all people of goodwill who, under the most diverse ideologies contribute to the same goal: the renovation of the School of the People. Contrary to most organizations we criticize sometimes, we are not subject to slogans from the top; but on the contrary, it is always at the base in the running experience, we place our collective actions; that, first, the problems in school and social practice found solution; to be healed as the organic unity and the moral unity of our movement, the proof of this fact is that increasingly we are moving towards decentralization, to draw ceaselessly our words of action in order the requirements of the teaching and social life; whereas, on the contrary, more than ever, leaders without troops constantly trumpeting theories and slogans that nobody follows, because it is not only with theories and slogans that are made forward.

We, we, in a sector where things move; because we have the means to move them as we have in hand tools and techniques scientifically become profitable; whose efficiency and value are a measure of a pedagogy of action and work that can not be suspected, since in the decades and with tens of thousands of educators, she gave her measure. A measure that will never be exhaustive but still improved and amplified the very image of life it serves.

The courageous and lucid conquest of such teaching has given us more than a way of teaching: class consciousness, strong intellectual disciplines, sober, strict, distant from the swollen paraphrases used packaging with hollow ideas clerics, placing pretentiously above all pragmatic. Historically, Freinet has repeatedly said these truths today more than ever must proclaim; because they are part of our activist and cultural heritage and the value they sign for us paramount to our independence.

We know more than all other teachers who kept their reformist illusions: it is henceforth not „perfect” teaching, but to change it from top to bottom; to make fighter in him restoring the social and cultural offensive demanded socialist society that we dream and that, now we must prepare to adapt today’s schools. „We have also not pretend to have answer homework questions for money
a monopoly of this adaptation or prematurely fix the forms of school life whose dynamism is the great educational law. „(2) We just take our responsibilities in relation to what has been achieved by the Freinet pedagogy that news seems to be promoting mass education. We realized that our work organizations, our grassroots groups and those prioritized in the constant development of our teaching, created stability cores of creative forces, of thought calling for young and enthusiastic recruits.

And so is started a dynamic of action that already foreshadows a humanity greater truth that will rehabilitate the man and all his powers. This is because we are inhabited by this optimism should be the first under the educator, we can not, at any price, to machine in the background, because what has been won against the odds do not be lost.

At this level of requirements we face – and too often we face – an administration which, though backward, intends to retain its old prerogatives of authority and traditionalism vaguely disguised as renovations to the fashion of the day, and why she thinks without doubt that we would consent to play the good apostles … No, we mobilized to maintain a non confusionisme would take again the same forms of culture that we reject, but to bring out in the school situation, needs antagonisms, ideas, actions that must inevitably oppose the illusory stability of a school administrators, carefully stayed on the expectation in May 68, attempt to recover today under the fallacious hierarchical authority.

This does not mean, however, that we should eschew subcommittees to study and research proposed by recent educational conferences. But on the contrary, the strength of our achievements, we must become facilitators. To reposition constantly educational problems in this pragmatism which ensured our historic advance; that can not be demonstrative, persuasive, inspiring excellence as a pedagogy that has the breadth of scientific experience and meets the aspirations of the people.

It goes without saying that we can work in such commissions to the extent that our experience can bear j fruit as far as where we meet the mass of teachers we want to reassure, and help convince; in yet since we will find sympathy and understanding of the inspectors became aware of their responsibilities in the educational drama, threatening the future of the popular school, threatens the same time their hierarchical and human authority. Two things: – or the inspectors realized that the only solution to chaos is to enter resolutely into a pedagogical practice that provides valuable solutions to the most pressing problems and thus can only encourage and assist practitioners commissioned member who preceded them; – or they are not yet freed from the false notions of administrative hierarchy and traditional pedagogy, verbal, and try to keep on the boards juggling an authority they are not worthy and in this case they can only prepare not collaboration but the inevitable conflict.

Our comrades at the base, also know immediately, take stock of the situation: with or without the inspectors they continue their educational assistance activism or in the sub-committees established in the loyal cooperation of leaders and teachers, either in committees – which are not sub-committees but frank and net commissions. – created out of the administration, in the „vast construction site of the popular school to work many testimonies reach us, of decisions spontaneously on the job: the moment the ex cathedra conference ended, the audience must opt ??for false or sub-committees set up to continue the eternal blah idle discussions or real working committees, external administrative circuit and why our modern classrooms serve as an effective workplace and warranted discussion. There, every demonstration connects to techniques for acts with clear results or possible errors that are part of an educational complex renovation. Teachers who already have taken the decisive step since they come to us, gradually discovering that by Freinet techniques, it is now seen, beyond this vocabulary find pompously called „discipline of awakening „to hide the inability to go beyond the very heart of an understanding which requires certainty because it does not cheat with life but on the contrary, serves.