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Chillout Room

Chillout room – avaible for everyone ! We also invite you to our Chillout Room, where you can safely wait […]

Virtual Reality

Death in the brotherhood

Death in the Brotherhood Who hasn’t watched such classic films as ‘ American Pie’, ‘ Van Wilder’ or ‘Revenge of […]

Fallen kingdom

Fallen kingdom Difficult times have come Kingdoms around have been in a constant war for such a long time that […]

Diamond Mine

Diamond’s mine Since the ancient times there has been a legend about the crystal, which has such a great power […]

Bloody Slaughterhouse

 The Bloody slaughterhouse It’s time for a SES visit. Welcome at our slaughterhouse, you arrive as a SES staff due […]

Virtual Reality

Chernobyl – the last hour

Chernobyl – the last hour Place: Chernobyl Date: 26 April 1986 Time: 17:00 Exactly at 16.00 the first reactor in […]

Ritual – true story

A man who is dying will stop at nothing, and that’s exactly who X was. He should’ve died 200 years […]

5 Murders

What happened during the trip? It was a truly horrible trip. It’s not how it was supposed to end at […]