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Diamond Mine
2-4 players 70 min 7/10 3/10
O Escape Roomie:

Diamond’s mine

Since the ancient times there has been a legend about the crystal, which has such a great power that it can possess any living creature. The legendary stone called Necrolite. It can gather any power from every element since the beginning of time. It was created in the heart of the first volcano on Earth. This volcano was so powerfull that the lava was so hot and the pressure so high that there was a huge erruption. The Earth in this place cracked and the blinding glow of the crystal was visible.

After many years of searching for the crack, we happened to find its possible location, it is in the eastern part of the ancient diamond’s mine. It was destroyed due to the earthquake in 1874. It is believed that the earthquake wasn’t accidental, surprisingly there were no injuries among the miners What is more we managed to fix the old elevetor to the mine. Unfortunately the mine as well as the equipment there are ruined. We are running out of time. If the mine collapses, the water nearby will flood the cracks and will bury the secret forever.

Who for ?
Diamond’s mine is a room for everyone. It is not easy but the time in the room is overlong. Currently it is our latest room that we put a lot of effort and hard work. Diamond’s mine is a story that you can feel as a real treasure hunter. Like the room ? Would you like to „live” it ? Don’t wait and book it today – click here
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Location: Sopot, Aleja Niepodległości 720

Krótkie FAQ:
–  Can we come in 5 people ? No, the room is for 4 people max.

– Can we pay on the spot ? Yes, In Sopot we accept cash and card

– Can we change the day of the booking ? Yes, just contact us via e-mail or phone and we will reschedule.

– If the amount of people changes, do we pay the price for the amount of people previously booked ? No, we pay for the people who actually come

– Is the booking of the room free ? Yes, you pay when you visit us.

– Can we change the booking form Gdańsk to Sopot ? Yes, just contact us in advance