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Fallen kingdom
2-4 players 70 min 7/10 5/10
O Escape Roomie:

Fallen kingdom

Difficult times have come Kingdoms around have been in a constant war for such a long time that the oldest people don’t remember the time of peace. It is believed, that the monarchs who know that are unable to save their kingdom hide they wealth in underground chambers and then they run away or die with their weapons of war in hand.

Your army trip has just arrived to the city with not such a good opinion, you have been said form the farmers on the way that you were getting closer to he king’s lands that had been conquered lately – the king who is known as mad. They said that the king not only terrorised his people and lost the wealth but also was interested in magic, not the white one. He invited the most powerful wizards from all over the world, and very strange things happened in the castle. The king is believed to sign a pact with some ancient wizards from the north who in return gave him an Ice Dagger, which gave the owner the power of being invincible.

The people were tired of terror and decided to make a conspiracy against the king. After months of fights, the king suspected to be defeated and hid his wealth well. No one know where it is but it is believed that underneath the remains of the castle there is still a chamber with the most precious king’s belongings, including the most interesting one – the Ice Dagger.

A bribed courtier will lead you to the entrance to the underground of the castle. It is the last chance to search there, from the west, another army is coming to attack you. Finding the dagger can change the history not only yours but the whole kingdom and let you win.

For whom ?

The room “Fallen kingdom” is devoted to people of every age ( with a pint of fear). It is a new generation room, where you can turn back the time and help the king win. The task is not easy, that is why it is good to have a strong team and try to find the valuable artefact on time. If you want to know more about The Fallen Kingdom book the date and check