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Chernobyl – the last hour

2-5 people

60 minutes



O Escape Roomie:

Chernobyl – the last hour

Place: Chernobyl
Date: 26 April 1986
Time: 17:00

Exactly at 16.00 the first reactor in the zone Y got overheated. All of the people who were there are now dead. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the main problem. The first reactor was the smallest of them all, and its explosion didn’t stop the activity of the other three in the X zone, which now are also beginning to heat up, and the radioactive substance is escaping. If it comes to an explosion, the scale of the destruction will be truly unimaginable. For over 150 years we will be able to forget about any life in the 150 km radius, and approximately 800.000 Ukrainians and 500.000 Belarusians will lose their lives. There’s no time for evacuation. We’ve only onle hour left, at 18.00 sharp the blast of the fourth and biggest reactor will take place. This in turn will result in the detonation of the remaining two reactors as well. You’re the last hope as only you can stop this tragedy!
Will you manage to swich off the reactors? Will you risk not only your own heath but your life as well? Will you manage to endure being in such a contaminated area? Remember, it’s all up to you now!
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