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Frank & Stein
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Frank & Stein

Two outstanding scientists from the early 19th century. Since their youth, they were only interested in science. Each of them had a different field of interest, which complemented each other perfectly. Years of experiments in their shared laboratory not only brought them great fame in the scientific community but also significant wealth.

Frank – driven by a thirst for power over life and death, a pioneer of transplantation, he never settled for creating ordinary inventions or traditional research. His hunger for power led him to experiments aimed at reviving dead tissues. Due to his unbridled ambition, during one of his attempts, he decided to sacrifice everything for science, even his own life.

Stein – a brilliant inventor, always in the shadow of his brother. On one hand, he fascinated with his creativity, on the other hand, he caused concern with his unpredictable behavior and lack of inhibitions. The sole partner of Frank, the sole heir of his knowledge, the only person who knows what happened to Frank.

After long months of solitary work and various experiments, Stein completely lost his way, which is why he placed advertisements on the front pages of the most popular newspapers, hoping to find volunteers who would help him reverse the terrible outcome of Frank’s experiment.

When you come an advertisement regarding Frank and Stein’s laboratory in the newspaper, you know exactly what to do.


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