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Escape Rooms - Sopot

We have created 5 mysterious rooms, which will take you to a land full of quest and illusion.


They will give you a chance to feel,  for the full 60 minutes, as the following: a man fighting for survival, a Christmas hero trying to retrieve a lost present for his child, a rescue squad for the wrongly accused prisoners, or as a group of friends during a wild frat party.


In our newest room you impersonate a group of survivors who want to avenge their dead friends.


Full descriptions of the rooms are located in individual bookmarks.

2-5 osób

60 min


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2-8 people

60 minutes

2 positions

Virtual Reality

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2-5 people

60 minutes



Chernobyl – the last hour

Sopot ul.Niepodległości 720
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2-5 people

60 minutes



Ritual – true story

Sopot ul.Niepodległości 720
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Our common room is available to everyone:


Chillout Room


Here we will explain to you all the rules and technical things, along with how to operate all the equipment in the rooms. You can also wait here for the rest of the group, exchange your impressions, or invent and analyse your group’s strategy. What’s more, for the groups who intend to spend some more time with us it is possible to reserve this room too.

Opis ikon

- signifies the number of people who can take part in the game
- signifies the maximum amount of time to solve the task
- signifies the difficulty of each room
- signifies how scary the room is