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Bloody Slaughterhouse
2-5 players 60 min 7/10 9/10
O Escape Roomie:

 The Bloody slaughterhouse

It’s time for a SES visit. Welcome at our slaughterhouse, you arrive as a SES staff due to the complaint of the neighbours who heard some strange nosies not only coming from animalsWe have had a lot od similar controls, which ended up with no negligence but the neighbours still call and make next complaints. Your supervisor pointed you as a special group for very difficult cases and to check our facility and end this case for good. Your task is very simple: you have to walk around the slaughterhouse and check it but nobody knows what is waiting for you inside.

You are not a first group that want to solve the mystery of the Bloody Slaughterhouse. It has happened that we have never seen again some people who entered it ( it is believed that nothing happened to them but you never know). The people who completed the task told us that they had a feeling of being under surveillance. Unfortunately, there is no more information from them Escaperoom

For whom ?

The bloody slaughterhouse is for people with strong nerves who are not afraid of challenges and are ready to face the greatest fears. Make up a strong group and go for it Remember that you have to find some proof, which can lead to the real story, otherwise your hardwork is pointless as no one is gonna believe yo ! Due to some law changes it is not an easy task to complete. You have only 60 minutes to find proof of any negligence in the slaughterhouse and getting out of the room. Otherwise everything that can happen there, may outgrow your high expectations. The owner knows about your visit so checking the facility will not be that easy. Use your previous experience and close it for good

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