• Polski
Ritual – true story

2-5 people

60 minutes



About Escape Room:

A man who is dying will stop at nothing, and that’s exactly who X was.

He should’ve died 200 years ago. However, by hunting and capturing innocent people, he extended his life. X offered their bodies to a bloodthirsty demon – Samael. Ancient rituals allowed him to endure, although his soul had long departed this world. There have been many victims of X, while he has remained elusive.

Now it’s you who has been captured by him and you’re expecting the worst. Exactly in one hour the ‘feeding time’ is about to begin. Will you manage to escape before it happens? Try to kill him or be killed. Just remember that if you lose, your souls will never be at peace again!

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– signifies the number of people who can take part in the game
– signifies the maximum amount of time to solve the task
– signifies the difficulty of each room
– signifies how scary the room is