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Make it before the pathologist

2-5 osób

60 min



O Escape Roomie:

Make it before the pathologist.

You are special agents taking only unusual cases. This time Family Kowal calles – their daughter is missing. The suspect is the pathologist who she used to be in touch with. The case is difficult because he is a famous person in court and in his Lab there are a lot of organs (obviously). Check if he is involved in the case of missing Anna. Try not to leave any traces of your actions so that the suspecet is not aware that he is being followed.

Make it before the pathologist is the remake of „Prosectorium”, about 50% of puzzles has been changed but the design has changed only a little (refreshed and modernized). We focused on the puzzles and tips to meet your expectations. People who visited Prosectorium will recognise the script of the game but they can be sure that a few bites are there for them. The decision is always yours. Groups which visited the room long time ago and other rooms as well will not recognise the old puzzles


Who for ?

Make it before the pathologist escape room is definitely for people who like dark mysteries. It is not scary, but the part of the pathologist leads to unusual tasks and using strange items. The escape room is filled with electronics something you really like as well as manual puzzles. The room is recommended for people over 15 yo, but if you are thriller funs you will definitely like it. The room is not an easy one so it is a good idea to take someone experienced with you. For people who just start their journey with escaperooms we recommend taking a few people just to take your chance to get out of the room.