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Temple of the Golden Sun [New!]

2-5 players

70-80 min



O Escape Roomie:

In the jungles of Central America, where lianas weave into dense curtains, a legend circulates about the Temple of the Golden Sun, a place hidden in the heart of a forgotten land of the Aztecs. Tales tell that deep within the mysterious temple lies a treasure that for centuries has tempted brave seekers, including conquistadors, who saw the undiscovered secret as the key to gaining wealth.

The history of the Aztecs intertwines with the legend of El Dorado, as it was believed that they hid their treasures to protect them from the Spanish colonizers. According to the stories, the Temple of the Golden Sun is where the Aztecs paid homage to their sun deities, and the treasure that lies there is a gift from the sun god himself, attracting travelers from all over the world. The story goes that among the treasures in the temple is a golden statue carved from rock by the sun and war god himself, surrounded by various precious artifacts as offerings to other gods. Importantly, to claim this treasure, the brave must face not only physical but also spiritual traps, as the spirits of guardians who watch over its secrets from the afterlife roam around the temple. But don’t worry! These spirits will not harm those who wish to protect the artifacts from plunder.

Some say that the Temple of the Golden Sun is the key to finding the true El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, which lies hidden somewhere in the jungle, waiting for fearless explorers. The mysteries of the temple are multilayered, and each trap or puzzle is part of an ancient ritual that must be completed to prove one’s worthiness to enter the treasure chamber.

Will your team of seekers find the golden statue and other treasures, or will they sink into the maze of mystical corridors? The answer to this question lies in the hearts of those who, without hesitation, decide to uncover the secret of the Temple of the Golden Sun.



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